Saturday, December 13, 2008

The recursive cycle

I had my London Business School Masters in Finance interview few days back. It was conducted in my city by a LBS MiF alumni. Though the time specified for the interview by the school is from 45 min to 2 hrs, my interview got over in 30 min. The main reason for this was that the alum was extremely busy that day. I dont know if even otherwise it would have ended 30 min.
Somehow I tried to put my stand with respect to how I have tried hard to make my mark in finance, despite having no formal background.
The interview actually revolved around, if I was sure what I was getting into. He tried to downplay the MiF, considering the fact that 1. we are in a recession 2. the MBA gets a preferential treatment against the MiF 3. i dont have a lot of experience in finance. These reasons could lead to me not getting a great(high paying) job after graduation. I tried to tell him how I had thought about all of this; was planning on doing some sort of internship prior to the course, was ok with getting through a smaller company etc.
He asked me how I was planning to fund my studies. I talked about possible loans, scholarship opportunities etc. He asked about areas that I wanted to target. I had an answer for that.
Finally, how I would contribute to the class, considering lack of experience. I tried putting forward all that I had, but I guess, it was a little insufficient.
Finally, he mentioned that the one negative in my favor was the lack of experience. Otherwise, it was great and credentials etc were fine.
I dont know the outcome of the decision. I really hope it turns out in my favor, coz i was really banking on this as my first choice.
The cycle is funny. Companies dont give you a job because you dont have a relevant degree in finance. If courses stop giving you admissions because you dont have relevant experience, then where do I go???

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